Sullivant Retreat Center


(Maximum 12 people, 4 bedrooms/4 bathrooms)

Pineview Exterior

Pricing: $400.00 minimum per night for 10 people,$40.00 per each additional person
Deposit: $200.00 per night, due within two weeks from booking date.
Cancellations: 90 days prior to retreat date to receive deposit refund.


  • Master room with one king-sized bed
  • One room with four twin-sized beds
  • One room with two twin-sized beds
  • One room with one set of bunk beds and 1 double bed
  • All bedding and towels are provided
  • Fully equipped kitchen
    *Meeting room use for day meetings during the week only $200.00.

Living Room
Pineview Living Room

Kitchen & Dining Room
Pineview Kitchen 1Pineview Kitchen 2Pineview Dining

Master Bedroom
Pineview Master BedroomPineview Master Bedroom 2

Pineview 3rd floor bedPineview 2nd floor bedPineview 1st floor bed 2Pineview 1st floor bed 1


*General accommodations information is located on our “About Us” page

**For any booking questions or inquiries, please contact our Booking Office at
(405)329-2990 or**

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